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Paint Correction Near Me

Zenith Auto Works – Houston, TX

Paint Correction Near Me – If you are interested in any paint protection services (Clear Bra or Ceramic Pro) then odds are you need paint correction! It’s that simple. Paint correction is imperative to get all the dings, chips and imperfections out of your car’s paint surface to give it that off the lot luster again. The processes used by our paint correction technicians remove these imperfections and get your paints surface to the perfect finish before additional paint protection services can be performed. With our clay bar, compounds and polishes we can remove up to 95% of all defects in our entry level package!

Paint distortion and discoloration are far too common to many vehicles. Blemishes in paint occur as a result of weather, normal wear and tear and environmental contaminants.  Regardless of make, model or year these blemishes can affect the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle and will negatively impact the vehicle’s luster and value. But you need not worry! If your paint has imperfections,  the technicians at Zenith Auto Works can restore your paint to it’s original luster.  We can treat your marring, scratches and imperfections  with our paint correction services. Once we remove all the imperfections paint protection services like  clear bra and Ceramic Pro protect the paint’s surface from blemishes occurring in the future.

We see tons of people come through our shop doors with different goals and reasons for their paint protection needs. Whether if it’s for restoration purposes, prepare for paint protection services or get your car ready for a car show or resell, Zenith Auto Works has your goals and needs in mind and will get your car to that perfect finish car owners dream of.

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Zenith Auto Works – Paint Correction Packages

We offer two types of paint correction packages below.  For a free quote for your vehicle please click here.

Paint Correction Package

  • Foam Cannon Pre-Soak
  • Clean Wheels & Wheel Barrels
  • Hand Wash
  • Paint Clay Bar Decontamination
  • Paint Iron & Tar Remover
  • Deionized Water Rinse
  • Detail Door and Gas jamb areas
  • Polish Exhaust Tips
  • Pneumatic Air Dry
  • Multistage paint correction (Defect Removal up to 75-95%)
  • No Sling Tire Dressing
  • Exterior & Interior Cleaning Glass
  • Premium Paint Protection Sealant
  • Complimentary Vacuum & Dust-Off

Concourse Level Paint Correction Packages

Elimination of removable paint defects including wet sanding and multi stage paint correction.


Zenith Auto Works team of friendly and highly trained staff is committed to providing you with the highest level of quality and service in Houston. We promise to detail, protect and treat all of our customers, and their vehicles, with the utmost respect and quality. Our mission is to do such a phenomenal job at detail your car today that you’ll come back when you need your car detailed in the future! Our first- time customers become long-term customers and continue to choose us for their paint correction, detailing and paint protection needs.